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    Q.  What advantage does ID Enhancements, Inc. have over other companies?

    A.  Our biggest distinction is that we actually program and ship the cards from our own, South Carolina production facility.  Rather than farming your order off to the manufacturer like most companies, we posess all of the equipment and technology to process our orders internally.  This allows us to control the quality and the production time - eliminating the long leads times incurred by purchasing elsewhere. Most of our orders ship SAME DAY!


    Q.  Do you offer Custom Imprinting on the access cards?

    A.  Yes - and we offer a one-color, static imprint FREE OF CHARGE!  No setup fees...no per card charges.  The custom imprinting is included in the cost of your card.


    Q.  How do I know that your cards will work in my system?

    A.  At the time of your order, you will supply us your bit format, facility code and start number.  This criteria is programmed from our equipment to your new cards - essentially replicating your existing programming.  If the information you supplied is accurate, the cards will work.  If you are not sure, we will be happy to supply a test card prior to production so that you may confirm compatibility.


    Q.  Where can I find my bit format & facility code?

    A.   This information is typically stored in your access system software, unless you are utilizing a stand-alone door system.  The information is often-times printed on the box label of cards that you received previously.  You may also submit a card for testing and we can make the determination on how the card should be programmed.  Simply contact us if you are having trouble locating your information and we will do our best to assist you.


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